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Diet for prostatitis in men. Diet advice.

Diet for prostatitis in men. Diet advice.


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Diet for prostatitis in men. diet tips.

Everyone should adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. In addition to the basic rules, there are narrowly focused on this problem.

Fruits and vegetables kamagra 100 mg tablets

Vegetable components of a healthy diet can be consumed fresh or cooked from them by stewing, boiling, baking in foil. The most useful vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes. This also includes greens: parsley, dill, cilantro, green onions. From fruits, preference should be given: avocado, melon. Extremely useful for prostatitis will be any dried fruits in a reasonable amount..

Dairy component of the diet

Products such as kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, low-fat sour cream (no more than 10%) will improve digestion and stool, which is important for prostate inflammation.

Proper drinks

The drinking diet should be made up of vegetable and fruit juices, green tea, herbal decoctions prepared according to traditional medicine recipes..

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Men’s products

Be sure to introduce regular consumption of products that favorably affect men’s health: nuts, honey, seafood buy kamagra 100mg online, Garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds, horseradish. They are rich in zinc, which is necessary for the normalization of testosterone levels in men..

Not recommended and prohibited products for prostatitis

In order not to provoke an exacerbation of the disease, and to reduce the time period of treatment, it is necessary to refuse:

fatty, smoked meat and fish;

pastries from puff and yeast dough;

pickled and salty foods;

factory canned food;

legumes and other products that provoke constipation and gas formation;

hot spices;

mayonnaise-based sauces and ketchups;

chocolate candies;

almost feet.

How to make a menu for prostatitis

When organizing nutrition for a man with prostate pathology, it is necessary to be guided by lists of useful and harmful products. Also take into account the method of cooking, serving size and the balance of useful ingredients. the diet does not involve fasting or eating tasteless food. Changing your eating habits isn’t as hard as you think..

Approximate diet

You can create the correct menu based on the following example.


Any porridge on the water + green tea. So that the menu is not boring and monotonous, we change kamagra tablets dosage Porridge for a steam omelette, cottage cheese casserole, lazy dumplings with cottage cheese, pancakes with low-fat sour cream or honey.


Diet for prostatitis in men. Diet advice.

Any fruit, berries or nuts. You can make fruit soufflé or jelly.


First course: light chicken soup, low-fat fish soup, vegetable soup, lean borscht, mushroom soup, creamy cream soup. Bread with bran.

Second course: boiled or steamed fish, chicken (without skin), turkey. For garnish – boiled, baked or mashed potatoes, pasta. potato cheap kamagra uk next day delivery or cabbage cutlets with low-fat chicken or mushroom sauce.

Vegetable salad or vinaigrette.

Dried fruit compote or natural juice.

afternoon tea

Natural cottage cheese (it can be flavored with low-fat yogurt), cheesecakes (just do not fry until a crust forms), baked pumpkin or apples.

Rosehip broth or weak tea


Stewed, baked or steamed vegetables. Any seafood or boiled beef with fresh vegetables. You can cook a potato and vegetable casserole, bake fish with vegetables. An alternative would be chicken or turkey cooked in its own juices in a slow cooker. Also, steam cutlets from low-fat varieties of fish and meat will be useful. Boiled rice with vegetables is a good side dish.

Green or fruit tea tadalafil 20mg

Before bedtime

1-1.5 cups of kefir, fermented baked milk, drinking yogurt.

general tips

sugar should be replaced with honey;

when cooking soups, do not passivate vegetables;

instead of a white roll, eat bread, it is better with healthy additives (bran, cumin, buckwheat flour). Black rye bread should be discarded, as it causes flatulence;

dinner should be no later than two hours before going to bed;

observe the intake of medications regarding the temporary regimen of eating;

do not add salt to dishes in a plate;

do not season dishes with any mayonnaise-based sauces and spicy ketchups.

Important: In order for the treatment to be effective, you should concentrate not only on proper nutrition and taking medications. Need to change lifestyle.

The main parameters are:

rational physical activity on a regular basis. It can be morning jogging, visiting the gym or swimming pool;

performing special exercises for the prostate;

systematic intimate contacts. Sexual organs need regular exercise.

What to abstain from when sick

Eliminate prostatitis, you can only follow the recommendations of the doctor. Not the last place is the rejection of bad habits.


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Regular consumption of alcohol-containing drinks not only hinders recovery, but best place to buy generic cialis online can cause disease. During treatment, alcohol must be completely removed, otherwise it will not work to stop the inflammatory process. This is especially true for non-strong alcoholic beverages..

The main enemy is beer. Many people incorrectly consider this product generic for cialis to be harmless. Beer reduces the production of the male sex hormone testosterone because it contains estrogen (a female sex hormone). Effective treatment of prostate diseases against the background of unbalanced hormonal health is impossible. Such alcoholic libations can threaten with a decrease in libido, impotence, weight gain..


Smoking has a negative effect not only on the heart and respiratory organs. Smoking cigarettes reduces the tone of capillaries and provokes vasoconstriction. This impedes the movement of blood and causes vascular spasms. The reproductive system does not receive sufficient blood supply, and the effectiveness of treatment is significantly reduced. So, nicotine has a negative effect sildenafil 100mg on the work of the adrenal glands, which leads to hormonal failure in the body of a man..


An invigorating drink cialis generic 40 is able to increase blood pressure, accelerate the heart rate, excite the nervous system. All these indicators contribute to the progression of the disease. In addition, caffeine is not always compatible with medications. Therefore, the use of the drink should be limited to one cup a day during remission, and completely abandon coffee in the acute stage of the disease..


Tea, like coffee, contains unhealthy caffeine, so you should not drink a strong brewed drink. Preference should be given to green tea. It will be useful to use a special “Monastic tea”, made on the basis of medicinal herbs, as well as weak black tea with the addition of grated ginger root. Ginger will help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the prostate..

It is important to remember that prostatitis requires an integrated approach to treatment, and not to neglect any of the steps to recovery..

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